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What is ADEM?

ADEM is a compact software for acoustic design of all types of mufflers, silencers, resonators and flow duct networks in a user friendly Windows environment.  It can also be used for the post-processing of microphone signals acquired in source and system measurements in fluid machinery intake and exhaust systems .

Features of ADEM include:

Multi-layered graphical user interface for constructing block diagram models of flow duct networks with multiple sources and outlets; block diagrams can be linked to a drawing or a sketch of the system.

Open end radiation into fractional free-fields and diffuse fields.

Signal analyzer for driving sources, audio play, and post-processing of results or measured signals.

User-friendly input datasheets with formula writing, syntax and compatibility checking capabilities.

Parametric and doe calculations with arbitrary number of parameters, direct, stochastic, and inverse optimization capabilities; results are plotted on-line and can be stored in a file.

Element database contains passive two-ports and multi-ports with variable and fixed number of ports in 1-D and 3-D, and active one-port and two-port elements. Measured or FEM based elements can be imported; users can create (without any programming) new passive elements in 1-D and 3-D and new active one-ports.

Measurement of one-port source characteristics and two-port transfer matrices by state-of-the-art methods.

Frequency analysis and order analysis capabilities under ambient gradients and fluid options (gas, liquid, burnt product, refrigerant, etc.); mean pressure losses in elements are calculated along with acoustic calculations.

Extensive on-line help, tutorials and compact installation.  

ADEM Tutorials

Video demonstrations on features of ADEM area provided on request.

Modeling Computation/Optimization Measurement Testing Benchmarks Sounds