Has broad interests in vibrations and acoustics; specialization in duct acoustics and finite and boundary element methods in vibration and acoustics. Member of the Advisory Board of the  Journal of Sound and Vibration


B.Sc (Mech.Eng), 1965 University of London, Ph.D(Mech.Eng), 1969 University of Surrey


Professor: Ege UniversityDokuz Eylul University, Turkey (1974-2009)

Visiting Professor: Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indianapolis, USA (1985-1986, 1997, 2005, ); School of Engineering of the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa (1990, 4 months); ISVR, Southampton University, UK (1994, 1 month); LAUM, Le Mans University, France (1996, 1 month)

International co-operation

CSNR/TUBITAK project on duct acoustics ( with J.Kergomard, 1998). AGARD missions: on aerodynamic and combustion noise (with P.E.Doak, (1997); on engine exhaust noise (with G.M.Lilley, 1993). British Council project on exhaust noise modeling (with P.O.A.L.Davies, 1994). NATO/TOKTEN programs: on computational fluid dynamics (with H.Akay, 1989); on computational acoustics (with A.Akay, 1988); on robotics (with O.Yurtseven, 1987); on computational acoustics (with A.Akay, 1984)           

Teaching interests

Mechanical Design, Dynamics of Machinery, Mechanical Vibrations, Engineering Acoustics, Strength of Materials.

Curriculum and laboratory development

Sound and vibration laboratory; English-aided ME curriculum; Self-study report.

Recent publications

J.Sound and Vib. 440 (2019) 231-238A simple approach for evaluation of cut-on condition of higher order modes in inhomogeneous uniform waveguides

J.Sound and Vib.419 (2018) 1-17.A quasi-one-dimensional theory of sound propagation in lined ducts with mean flow

J.Sound and Vib.400 (2017) 248-252. Comment on ‘’the one-dimensional acoustic field  with arbitrary mean axial temperature gradient and mean flow”

J.Sound and Vib.397 (2017) 31-50.The fuzzy two-load method for measurement of ducted one-port source characteristics

J.Sound and Vib.363 (2016) 560-570. On the effect of viscosity and thermal conductivity on sound power transmitted in circular ducts

J.Sound and Vib.333 (2014) 5583-5599On the effect of viscosity and thermal conductivity on sound propagation in ducts: A re-visit to the classical theory… 

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